09: Schenke Unbekannten Geduld

Jane’s experience with this gift

As usual I was in a rush. I finished packing my shopping at the supermarket checkout and pushed the trolley over to the bakery counter. Just as I got there a woman came from the other direction, without seeing me, and pushed in front of me in the queue. I felt myself getting irritated, but tried to focus on being patient – after all, she didn’t seem to have noticed me and it wasn’t really a big deal either way. Just as I was thinking about the 29 gifts and being patient with other people and trying to stop being irritated, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find another woman handing me a box of cereal – the box of cereal I had apparently forgotten and left back at the checkout! She’d noticed what had happened and came running over to reunite me with my shopping! So in the very moment that I was giving the gift of patience (or trying to!), someone else was kind to me.

What was your experience with this gift suggestion?

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