01: Verbringe Zeit mit einem geliebten Menschen

Jane’s experience with this gift



When we went on holiday I was pleased to discover that there was a promenade stretching for at least 10km along next to the sea. I thought it would be perfect for early-morning jogs, to give me a bit of me-time before the family got up.

It was not to be! My daughter liked the idea of getting up with the sun, so she decided to come with me. So every morning we woke at 7am and went for a walk on the beach. Some days this cost me more effort than others. But for two weeks we did it every day but one (when it was pouring with rain).

At the beginning I thought of it as a gift from me to her, but actually overall I think it was more the other way round. Or for both of us. We both loved the routine of tiptoeing out before anyone else was up, skimming stones and doing some beach art, chatting in English and breathing in the sunrise. It was wonderful!

Was hast Du erlebt, als Du diesen Geschenkimpuls umgesetzt hast?

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