Jane Eggers

I’m a German to English translator working with IT companies as well as with solopreneurs in various sectors. Whether I’m working on translations, song texts or Facebook posts, I love playing with words and making the message shine.
As a solopreneur myself, I know how important it is to look after your own body and soul. But I sometimes find it hard to resist the siren call of the biscuit tin. And that’s how I came up with the idea of serendipity cookies. They distract you from eating in a fun way by offering a different kind of sweetness.

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Julia Meder

I’m a vocational coach, author, podcaster and publisher. My passion is to help people create their dream life and become truly happy.
I love recipes for happiness and am always looking for new ways that people can enjoy life even more and come closer to their true selves.
For me, serendipity cookies are the perfect way to reward your soul with more mindfulness in everyday life, and what I most enjoy is thinking up new exercises and ideas to put in the cookies.

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Sarah Schäfer

I’m a brand development and communication consultant and I love bringing ideas to life. Jane’s serendipity cookie idea struck a chord with me straight away, because the cookies are such a great way of bringing “mehr gute Zeit” [more good time] into your life.
Design and photography make my heart beat faster, and for me the cute serendipity cookies are the perfect opportunity for indulging this passion.


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