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serendipity cookies – sweetness for the soul

How do serendipity cookies work?

Whenever you want to do something nice for yourself and would normally reach for something sweet as a reward, you can open a serendipity cookie instead. Written on the strip of paper inside the cookie is either a little reward that you’ve thought up yourself in advance, or a mindfulness exercise that lets you focus on the present moment and helps you be fully present.

Serendipity cookies help you interrupt the automated, subconscious action of reaching for a snack. They create space for you to consider whether you’re actually hungry (in which case sweets or snacks might not be the best choice), or whether it’s more like emotional hunger or stress and you actually need a short break from what you’re doing. And the serendipity cookie is right there with a suggestion for how to spend that break.

Special tip: You can increase the effect if you make a note of your serendipity cookie experience: write down your thoughts and feelings about the coaching questions or how you felt when doing the mindfulness exercises.

Our cookie types

Choose the type of cookie that suits you best:

Type 1

Blank strips for your own ideas

The strips in these serendipity cookies are left blank so you can add your your own personal content. Write things down that do you good.

Type 2

Mindfulness prompts for a meaningful break

These cookies contain mindfulness prompts that bring you back to the current moment and help you to feel centred.

Type 3

Coaching questions to open up new perspectives

These cookies contain questions to inspire you and help you rethink in situations in which you perhaps feel frustrated.

Type 4

Gratitude prompts

The prompts in these cookies help you dive more deeply into gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life.

Type 5

Prompts for times of grief

Together with grief expert Christine Kempkes we’ve developed Serendipity Cookies that are there for you in times of grieving, giving you strength and helping you remember with affection.

Type 6

Available soon: Prompts for more exercise

Together with exercise expert Sina Willmann we’ve developed Serendipity Cookies that help you shake off the cobwebs and integrate more exercise into your daily routine.


Love is the hunger of the soul

– Paul Keller

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